Sesheke -Monze Member of Parliament, Jack Mwiimbu has led a group of Opposition UPND cadres in the Patriotic Front Camp and hacked and macheted them.

Mwiimbu said he had information that the PF Camp was set up for reasons the UPND claimed were inimical and did not approve.

5 people have been severely injured and taken to Sesheke District Hospital.
Earlier, Police had arrested UPND cadres found interfering with the electoral process.

It seemed this is what has necessitated the retaliatory attack against the PF.

Mwiimbu was joined by UPND Sesheke candidate, Romeoe Kangombe as they perpetrated the bloody mayhem.

Mwiimbu’s group, who claimed they were implementing and reviving the Mapatizya Formula, also attacked police found at Sesheke Guest House, accused the Police officers of being PF cadres in police uniform.

In one instance, some journalists have been injured by Mwiimbu’s rampaging and machette-wielding gang.

In another instance, the Mwwimbu cadres started beating people along the road claiming the causes the arrest of the people arrested.

Despite the bloody attack, Sesheke residents have not been deterred and turned out in numbers to vote.

More details coming.

Warning; Graphic images.



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