United For National Development Leader Hakainde Hichilema is under pressure and scheming to suspend his Party Vice President For Administration for insubordination.

Mr Mwamba is said to have expelled his former right hand and UPND Northern Province Chairman Chileshe Ilunga for reason best to himself.

But hours later after consultations with his new stakeholders Mr Hichilema directed his Secretary General Steven Katuka to reinstate Mr Ilunga without the full knowledge nor authorization of Mr Mwamba.

Sources within the UPND have revealed that Mr Mwamba’s interview on Radio Mani this afternoon fueled the fire and Mr Hichilema has no option but to bow down to pressure and suspend Mr Mwamba.

They have further revealed that Mr Mwamba has since November been having problems with Mr Hichilema which even led to schemes of hounding him out of the Party when UPND online media outlets started running with stories that their Vice President had been bought by the PF.

Our sources have further revealed that Mr Hichilema has lost standing with most party members as he has become more selfish.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwamba has warned Hichilema to stick to Southern Province Structures and stay off the Northern Region.

He said in his reign as UPND Vice President he has not at any point gotten involved with politics of UPND and Southern Province hence only fair that Mr Hichilema gets his hands off Northern region.

“Bushe ba HH ngabalesala ama structures yabo ku southern tulalandako? So why are they coming to control US in Northern”

Mr Mwamba said he will not tolerate any funny moves by the UPND president both with and outside the party.

He said he will not hesitate to deal with anyone who meddles with his politics.

“When I was resigning HH wasn’t here in Kasama why would he want to come now and claim to know more than me in my own territory, I will not allow this behavior elo nshiletina umuntu olo umo!

“These are my structures and UPND should respect this pantu pafwa bantu pashala bantu- if he wants me to respect him let him respect my decisions as Vice President not chipante pante!”

*Stay off the Northern Region angry 😤 GBM tells HH and UPND*



  1. Yes its Tunfweko mwebantu and Lusaka times cooked stories. We know what they are after. Let the Mwebantu tell the nation why and whats PF police doing in Luanshya at Kambwili’s resident.


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