The United Party for National Development, UPND in Eastern Province, has strongly condemned party vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwmaba and accuses him of being a tribalist.

UPND Provincial Chairperson Paul Thole says the party has a constitution which governs its conduct of business, stating that forming a parallel structure is gross indiscipline.

Various UPND minions have been sponsored by the party leadership to begin insulting GBM and party members in Northern province.

There is war between Tongas and Bembas in UPND – the tongas say they will not allow GBM to use his tribe Bemba to bulldoze everyone because he is a stranger who recently joined the party.

There is a document in UPND called a The Quota which says only someone from Southern Province can be party leader but can be deputised by any other tribe.

HH is trying to get rid of GBM so that he can choose Kambwili to be running mate in 2021. This is something that both UPND and NDC have refused so far publicly, because they know that if they admit, GBM will react angrily. So they way they will do it is this;

The UPND will go for a convention to elect ‘new’ leaders. Then GBM will be challenged by at least more than one person ,and among the aspirant candidates for the position of Vice President, one will win. The person who will win will be user friendly to HH. That is why now HH has begun suspending party officials from Northern, Luapula, Muchinga, Copperbelt and Lusaka province. Most of the members on structures from these pronvinces are perceived to be pro-GBM so now, they are being suspended, like the case in Kasama. This is to ensure that HH has his own people who will then vote for his vice president against GBM.

When GBM is removed as vice president, the person who will be elected will be convinced to give way to Kambwili to be UPND running mate in 2021.


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