Sources at Barclays Bank Zambia have revealed that the bank’s employee, Pamela Gondwe, has stolen a total of K7 million from the Longacres branch.

Gondwe, an entrepreneur who is also the author of a book titled “Tears in a Suitcase” launched in 2016, got hold of the money by virtue of her employment as the employer entrusted her with keys for the Vault.

Instead of safeguarding the employer’s money, Ms Gondwe decided to fete herself, obviously with instigation from her Ghanaian boyfriend, and got away with different amounts of money in pounds, euro and dollars as well as a K250,000 cash and vanished.

The bank, according to the source, has officially lodged a complaint with the police who are currently frantically making efforts to trace Ms Gondwe’s whereabouts.
There has not been any statement from the bank yet.
Gondwe recently disclosed in a profile interview with Zambia Daily Mail that “I am a traveller and I want to explore the beautiful unknown lands and be part of the magnificent world. I have this desire to shake the dust of this crummy little town off my feet, get on the place and go to see the world!”
Could this have been the motivation for her theft of the bank’s money? It will be known as the story unfolds.


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