Patriotic Front Member Munir Zulu has declared interest in standing for the vacant Lusaka Executive Mayoral seat.

In a short statement Mr Zulu who is a member of the Ruling Patrotic Front said he is joining the race for the mayoral seat which fail vacant after the demise of Wilson Kalumba last Tuesday.

“Time for the youths is now, we need fresh blood, fresh ideas and a fresh mind, we need someone who will understand the people’s needs and able to provide long term solutions, with that said, I hereby Declare my interest to stand for the vacant seat of the executive mayor of the greater city of Lusaka” Zulu said.

He further said he will run the council like a business so that it can rise its own revenue, for a while the council has been making loses, but coming in with a business mind, I will run it like a business and we will be able to generate revenue.



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