Angels Barbershop At Acardes Mall Closed For Discriminating Against Blacks

This morning we closed a Chinese owned Angels Barbershop located at Acardes Mall for discriminating against blacks and displaying their prices in Chinese contrary to the Food & Health Act.

We had a tip off from a whistle blower who took his son to cut his hair but was told K300 as the price just to put him off. When he agreed to pay, they then changed their mind and said the Barbershop was actually closed and he had to leave.

When we went to Angels Barbershop for a fact finding mission today, we found a CLOSED sign at the door. Upon entering, we noticed a Chinese having his hair cut. They did not recongnise us as we had our masks on. We pretended we wanted to have our hair cut and they said “We closed”.

Upon inspecting their price board, we noticed also that nearly everything was labelled in Chinese writings and not English as prescribed by the Food & Health Act. We therefore retrieved our Council licenses from them and closed them indefinitely.

A formal sign closure notice from LCC has since been sent to them.

We are happy to support 100% all law abiding investors.

We shall however not condone any investor that operates segregating or discriminating customers or employees based on their colour of the skin or pricing in other foreign languages other than English which is the constitutionally prescribed official language for Zambia.

We encourage residents to blow their whistles louder to our office for any such similar illegal conduct as we proved at Angels Barbershop.

Together We Can

Miles B. Sampa
Mayor of Lusaka

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