OPPOSITION RPP President James Lukuku has charged that Zambian security wings shall be held accountable if former Statehouse spokesperson Amos Chanda flees the country. He says Chanda should never leave the country until he’s investigated and cleared and challenged him to clear the air on the itinerary that has gone viral that he wants to run to Mauritius.

“We demand that Amos Chanda clears the air about his reported intention to flee the country for Mauritius. DEC, ACC, the Zambia Police, shall be held responsible should Amos flee and we later discover that he has actually escaped from justice,” he said in a statement accessed by THE PUNCH but when contacted Chanda said he will not comment any more than his resignation statement.

When asked to confirm whether he intends to travel to Mauritius as stated, he said ‘have you called Lukuku and DEC? I have resigned from Statehouse and there’s a video and I won’t say more than what I said in my resignation statement. I am at my home in Kabulonga’.

Lukuku also reiterates his demand for a travel ban on ministers and other governmemt leaders, and adds that ‘most PF ministers will have fled the country by 2021and information such as the itinerary attributed to Amos actually makes a sad reading as far as justice is concerned.


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