Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda

Former President President Lungu’s spokesperson Amos Chanda has hinted on the possibility of entering the political life after he tendered in his resignation yesterday.
In the the resignation statement, Mr Chanda said that he had perused the draft constitution and that he did not want to be caught up should he aspire for Political Office.

I have perused the draft constitution, particularly the clause requiring civil servants to vacate office at least two years ahead of elections, and I would not want to be caught up with this should I aspire for political office,” read his prepared statement
Mr Chanda said that despite considering pursuing roles in the private sector and a possible political career, his support for President Lungu is unwavering and he will continue to do so despite him vacating State House.

Speaking at State House yesterday when he resigned, Mr Chanda said that he wanted President Lungu to succeed and that all Ministers must want the president to succeed as well.

“I want the President to succeed. All ministers must want the President to succeed in fact they must do more to ensure the President succeeds.
We support him as he presides over the utilization of our very limited resources. So anyone who worries about the President must do anything that reduces his chances to succeed,” Amos said.

“I must stress that in supporting the President, The clarion call I make to everyone who supports him, worries about him, supports his vision is that whenever you think or feel your stay, even just one percent will endanger the political success of the President you must listen to your inner voice and do the right things.



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