Former State House Press Aide Amos Chanda has failed to appear for questioning at the Drug Enforcement Commission.

And the Drug Enforcement Commission has confirmed that Mr Chanda had by broadcast time not availed himself for questioning and officers were still waiting for him.

According to the Commission, there has been no official communication from Mr Chanda on the reasons for his failure to appear for questioning.

Mr Chanda was yesterday summoned by the Drug Enforcement Commission to appear for questioning today and was expected to avail himself for questioning at 09 hours.

Unconfirmed reports indicated that the call out was in relation to alleged money laundering charges.

And reports indicate that Mr Chanda has expressed surprise that a call-out by the Drug Enforcement Commission Anti Money Laundering Unit was issued, highly circulated and publicized before he or his lawyers were served of the document.

Sources close to Mr Chanda said till today, no document has been served on him and was still waiting for official communication.

Media reports also indicated that lawyers to Mr. Chanda, Makebi Zulu &Associates had earlier in the day dispatched Mr. Jonas Zimba to liaise with DEC Anti-Money Laundering Unit to discuss suitable dates when Mr. Chanda was available and to appear before the Unit to attend to the details of the alleged investigations.

It is understood that Mr Chanda learnt of the call out from social media and was only able to return to Lusaka last evening when ZNBC broadcast a confirmation of the summon.

Mr Chanda was on a personal mission to Mazabuka.


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