Wife’s Letter to husband, Disgraced Education Minister David Mabumba: “I forgive you…”


I am going through a lot and I feel as though the world has ended. Despite being heavily mocked by people that I thought were my close friends and family members, Iam still alive because of the comfort I find in Jesus Christ my Lord. Dear Lord I thank You for strengthening me during this difficult time and may Your Holy Name be exhorted forever.

It is of no coincidence that calamity fell on us on the very day we were to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. To you Davy as I lovingly call you, please be lets assured that Iam your loving and caring wife and I will remain so until death do us part. David, trust me when you need a mother, a friend and mostly a loving wife. I will always be there for you in good or bad times. For better and for worse you are mine. I wholeheartedly forgave you for what happened the very day I saw it, I know God Almighty has seen your tears and has forgiven you too. Lets now wipe our tears of shame my love and move forward. You are mine forever David for the 20 years I have been with you in marriage have been awesome. Stop crying my love, wipe your tears my God given husband, for God is with us. We have conquered many battles in 20 years and even this one, we shall conquer in Jesus Christ’s Name!

With Tears of Love and Care;
Yours Loving Wife ‘Vivian Chisenga Mabumba’.

18 thoughts on “Wife’s Letter to husband, Disgraced Education Minister David Mabumba: “I forgive you…”

  1. Truely you are a good deffinatiom of a good wife who stands up for her husband in difficult moments such as this i slaut you mama

  2. May the almighty God strength you in Jesus name . People are just people trust in the Lord let not this situation shake you because those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion which never be shaken . Psalms 125 . John 8v1-11 the woman caught in adultery. The people who brought her to Jesus felt to throw a stone on her. My sister just know that every embrancement brings strength may your relationship with your husband be strengthen in jesus.let the vowels of for better for worst work for you right now in Jesus mighty name amen!

  3. The words touches my heart as a responsible citizen and am hoping God to continue comforting you together with your family.
    I felt bad when I heard and failed to watch the video because it broke my heart and started thinking of your family reactions toward this issue..thank God madam you are viewing this way.things comes and go…please let God help in this hard times you are passing.
    Your lovely supporting youth

  4. This is how a wife should behave. Surely he is bone of your bones and flesh if your flesh, till death do you part

  5. You are really a woman of valour,what you did is very wonderful mama,I salute you…our husbands are also just humans who are bound to error,only our prayers help to strengthen them..God bless you

  6. Great wife and involving God in your marriage ,stay blessed we are are sinners and fallen short of the glory of God

  7. indeed you are a great woman. may God Almighty continue to strengthen you and your family. it is well.

  8. We pray the almighty remains faithful to you you are a great Woman. Attacks in marriage come in different ways but how will respond to such determines the strength of that Marriage. no weapon fashioned against your Marriage will prosper

  9. Wise words from you mama thank you for ur forging heart. Note that all of this waz the act of the devil, however Jesus told us that in this world we shall face many tribulations but sheer up Jesus has overcome.. Indeed he has overcome ur trails, it’s something you and everyone of us should learn from.. Thank you..

  10. As it should be.
    Honourable wife to an honourable man.
    All will be well for them.
    This was just but a small bump in their marriage.

  11. Powerful words woman of God.Indeed that’s the work of the devil,who wants to destroy your companionship. Continue praying for your husband and keep on encouraging him,its not the end of the world,things come and go,to error is human and to forgive is divine.May your relationship be strengthened and grow even bigger from this moment on, in Jesus name,Amen.

  12. when a man is befallen by difficult times, friends, neighbors, workmates and neighbors may chose to laugh or desert you, but the worst thing is when your wife joins them, then you are finished. By your wife sticking with you to encourage you that even if many have left, i your wife is still with you and there is always a better tomorrow. What you have done mama, God will bless you abundantly and will be a good lesson to many wives. My advise to you mama is to be in David’s company most of the time (closely) speak to him words of love, encouragement and assure him of a better tomorrow. GOD BLESS YOU.

  13. I think this letter was not necessary ..she has even ampliflied the mater . Only a husband who is deprived of conjugal rights can do such a thing .next time fufill your duty as a wife madam.this could have been avoided .

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