President Michael Sata with his special assistant for press and public relations George Chellah (r) after swearing-in Chanda Kasolo as permanent secretary for Luapula province at State House on July 25, 2013 – Picture by Joseph Mwenda

Former President Michael Sata’s press aide George Chellah has sunk his teeth into the Southern African Development Community’s toothless approach to conflict resolution.

Chellah has cited the Democratic Republic of Congo where Felix Tshisekedi has ‘dubiously’ ascended to the throne after cutting a deal with outgoing President Joseph Kabila.

By George Chellah.

If The Gambia was in Southern Africa Yahya Jammeh would still be President because SADC is moribund.
Not until the DRC erupts again that’s when we will all be asking about what happened, like really? Are we Africans serious? And this is my point of departure with the so- called advocates of the African renaissance because their theory is utopian and crafted in such a lame manner that according to them, the only true African leader is one who is blood thirsty and with dictatorial tendencies, and whenever the West calls for order in such a state, they cry interference and imperialism.

In this moment you will hear all manner of colonial history and reminders about the West and their atrocious attitude pre-colonial stage but they tactfully never recite this dark history whenever Western taxpayers sacrifice their monies through aid to rescue the misgoverned hence suffering masses.

In a way, and looking at how we have perfected the art of mismanaging ourselves and ruthlessly so, I think the West has a right to call us to order or stop the rot whenever we unashamedly act like animals towards each other.

So with what has happened in the DRC you expect the West to keep quiet and yet first on Felix Tshisekedi’s shopping lists is to visit European capitals and the US with a begging bowl asking for resources to rebuild the DRC. What are you rebuilding when you’re a fraud? When you fully know that you’re ruling via deceit.

Surprising enough, those fanaticals with misplaced hope and faith expect a product of fraud of gigantic proportion like Tshisekedi not to be corrupt, you must be crazy- dream on. Africa is the same and a shame.



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