A THIRTY-SEVEN-YEAR-OLD man of Chaisa township in Lusaka has lost his 15-year-old marriage after his wife found him sleeping with another woman in their bed.

When she testified before magistrate Pauline Newa, Beatrice Kapandula, 32, told the Matero local court that she found Simon Mbewe having sex with another woman in 2008.

This is in a matter in which Kapandula sued Mbewe for divorce. The couple got married in 2003 and has three children together. Bride price was partly paid.

Kapandula told the court that problems in their marriage started in 2004 when Mbewe started work.

“My husband started having girlfriends and neglected his family. In 2008 I caught him committing adultery on our matrimonial bed,” she said.
Kapandula told the court that she again found Mbewe with another woman whom he claimed was his sister.


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