By Wilfred Sameta

Although one may not be an adventist, one admires the steadfastness of belief and the emphasis on the second coming of Christ that our Adventist brothers and sisters continually remind the Body of Christ and others about.

One may not agree with all their doctrines, but what we have in common – the belief of the Lordship of Christ is greater than any fundamental doctrinal differences we may have. One cannot help but develop a Love for members of the Body of Christ in its diversity.

Seventh-day Adventists uphold the central doctrines of Protestant Christianity: the Trinity, the incarnation, the virgin birth, the substitutionary atonement, justification by faith, creation, the second coming, the resurrection of the dead, and last judgment.

However, the Seventh-day Adventist Church is also unique for its emphasis on a mortal soul.

Most other denominations teach that at a person’s death, the individual’s soul continues to live — a concept that also resonates well with most traditional African views which
believe that ancestors continue to influence the well-being of families and communities.

Ordinarily, this should one of the fundamental differences between Bo Hakainde Hichilema – an Adventist Elder, and Andrew Ejimadu (a.k.a seer1) a self confessed sorcerer who prides himself in divination and ancestral worship.

It would therefore be unthinkable to associate the two unlikely bedfellows with each other.

Yet; Bo HH’s recent intimate tweet to seer 1, and the sorcerer returning the compliment with a public endorsement of Bo HH’s 2021 election bid, speaks volumes of a growing symbiotic bromance between the two.

Bo HH recently allegedly supportively tweeted seer 1:

_”We are counting down with you my brother, Andrew Ejimadu, get your power back, we see what they remain with”_

It cannot be overemphasised that the occultic beliefs and practices of “seer1” fundamentally conflict with Adventist beliefs and Christian doctrine in general.

Andrew Ejimadu publicly boasts that his ancestral “powers” pre-date and outweigh the power of Jesus Christ.

On the other hand, Adventists believe in the Omniscient and Omnipotent power and Lordship of Jesus Christ.

It is therefore a strange abomination to hear allegations of an Adventist elder- mutompehi HH playing the drum roll in a sorcerers spooky “countdown” of death threats on some fantasy ruling party politicians.

It is also an abomination to hear allegations of a senior SDA official playing the role of a cheerleader for a false prophet of baal…cheering him on, to “get back his powers”.

Was Bo HH just joking? We are mindful of what Shakespeare said:

_”Many a truth is spoken in jest”._

Bo HH and UPND should be mindful that , “Brotherhood” is fellowship, it is an alliance, a covenant of friendship and understanding between two persons with a common root or a common goal.

In a broader sense all Zambians should also be mindful that every brotherhood has a Father or a Patron.

Therefore it only follows that all Zambians should be asking themselves; Who is the father of the HH/Seer1 brotherly covenant?

It is certainly NOT our Lord Jesus Christ because seer1 has publicly boasted and disrespectfully scoffed that he has more power than than Emmanuel…God with us who came down to earth in the form of a man.

This begs another question … could the snake that the occultist reportedly calls his “”godfather” also be the “godfather” of Bo HH?
As they say…”just asking for a friend”!

Could the god of seer 1’s “miracle money” and his “miracle talktime” be the same god of Bo Hichilema’s 2016 fiasco?

Is this the same god Bo HH is banking his 2021 election fate on?

For Bo Hichilema’s own good , we hope not! God forbid!

Because if these allegations are true , then the UPND leader is in big _ahulu kakhulu_ trouble! Not only in this life; but even more so in the life beyond!

Bo HH needs to put Christ above the ever shifting mirage of his political ambitions.

His apparent desperation for political power should not lead him into a bromance with the devil on the basis of “the enemy of my political enemy is my friend”.

The reality is that seer 1 is not just an enemy of Bo Lungu’s PF Government, but an enemy of every single Zambian regardless of political affiliation.He is infact an enemy of our very nationhood.

Afterall, isn’t this the disgraced pervert that was deported from Zambia after he hypnotised and raped under age girls in the name of “miracles”?

As a senior Adventist Elder, how does Bo HH look at being in a brotherhood with a murderous child molesting rapist?

Is it worth entering into a brotherhood with a sexual predator and pervert just because the same has some fabricated and unsubstantiated juicy gossip against some government officials?

Doesn’t Bo HH find it strange that his “brother” seer1 did not bring up these wild allegations of “rings” and “powers” when he was being deported some 3 years ago?

Why now?

Going by the gleeful manner Bo HH is going about cheering seer 1’s campaign of calumny against Government officials, would one be blamed for arriving at the conclusion that the two “brothers” are in cahoots and are jointly upto no good as brothers in (h)arms?

If Bo HH is truly a Christian and a minister in the form of an SDA Elder for that matter, then why hasn’t he condemned the blasphemous words of his occultic “brother” in which the wizard publicly boasted that bo President Lungu would not win the Presidential elections in 2021 even if Jesus Christ came down from Heaven to vote for PF, because Seer 1 will make Bo HH win?

As Ellen G. White the God fearing Prophetic icon of the Adventist Church guided in one of her many literary works:

_A minister of Jesus Christ should not be regardless of his attitude. If he is the representative of Jesus Christ, his deportment, his attitude, his gestures, should be of that character which will not strike the beholder with disgust._

What would Ellen G. White make of Bo Hakainde’s bromance with a prophet of baal?

Would she applaud him or would she behold Bo HH and be struck with disgust at his attitude of apostasy?

Bo HH should be very very careful. He is plotting his own downfall by the very words of his own mouth and the blasphemy of his own associations.

_”There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of destruction….”_ Proverbs 14:12


The Author is a Retired Journalist Tilling the land in Central Province.


  1. so you are also for pf? comments sometimes are just comments bros! you seem to emphasize more on him being sierz friend. what are U up to?

  2. Why can’t you write about those satanists (PF ministers, mp’s and officials) who got the so called powers from that wizard. Why can’t you write about Sumaili’s foolish plea to Zambians to hold prayers on behalf of those PF satanists. Don’t you know that Sumaili’s action is tantamount to the government acknowledging and confirming that what seer1 said is true? Don’t try to draw people’s attention from the evil practices of your masters PF by bringing in HH.
    You hypocrites would have had a field day if seer1 had implicated a UPND member. I can imagine how the likes of the tongue twisters Sunday Chanda, Antonio Mwanza, GBM, Dora Siliya, ‘christians’ for lungu and yourselves would have crowded out other stories from ZNBC, Times of Zambia and Daily Mail to tell us how satanic HH and UPND are. But since it is their PF colleagues involved they are conveniently quiet. Indeed what a christian nation where leaders talk about christianity while dancing and dinning with Satan.


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