KAOMA-Sunday 6th October 2019

Ministers; Hon. Jean Kapata, Lands &Natural Resources, Hon. Olipah Phiri, Community Development, Hon. Mulenga Kampamba-Chewe, Livestock &Fisheries and ruling Patriotic Front(PF) Deputy Secretary General Deputy Mumbi Phiri have escaped unhurt after their vehicles were shot at in Kaoma District.

The four had their vehicles shot at during their tour of Kaoma District where a by-election for Council Chairperson is taking place.

One person is feared dead after being shot at while others were injured in the fracas.

Details later



  1. As Alangizi(the Counsellor) my only humble apeal to all my fellow youths in our country, we should avoid being used as a tool of violence, it is high time for you and me to promote LOVE, PEACE and start thinking big on how to create our own wealth through enterprenuership. China is developing because their mind set is focused on how should china grow in Billion Dollars. The toys, the phones, laptops and accersories etc are made by youths like us in China.They always dream how should there country develop, it is a shame and unfortunately that here in our country Zambia, youths dream how to be used as a tool of Violence, to insult elders in the leadership, attacking people, condeming business people, provoking a situation in a bid to be paid a K50, oversleeping, meanwhel our Chinese friends when they see a plastic, a scrap its money. Even if you change government today as long as the mind set is not reformed noise game blame will never end, hard worker never talk but focused.


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