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WHEN we heard Sylvia Masebo on Diamond TV proudly say if President Lungu doesn’t come down to dialogue with Hakainde Hichilema then there will be no elections in 2021, we took this comment for a joke and laughed, perhaps, because we consider that the UPND Chairperson for Mobilization and Strategy is not herself; she is sick, as such we thought such a comment was probably out of sickness.

The week is almost wrapping up now, yet, there is no reaction from the leadership of the UPND, to distance itself from Masebo’s comment. Regardless, that Sylvia Masebo has sickness which could be attributed to her low thinking lately, we believe she was in her senses when she claimed that there would be no elections in 2021 if Edgar doesn’t go to dialogue with Hakainde.

Who is Masebo and her party to stop this country from having an election that is prescribed by the Republican Constitution?

Clearly, these elements in UPND have set themselves on a path were for them, if achieving presidency will mean causing havoc, so shall it be.
We say this because chaos, disorder and violence is embedded in the language of Hakainde’s party among members.

Just listen to what Garry Nkombo, the other day, responded to Frank Ng’ambi over the alleged bill to bar people who have been contesting for elections ceaselessly. Was it necessary for Garry to describe Ng’ambi in such demeanor, as a person who runs a place where there is prostitution? How does that play a role in making better the lives of Zambians?

Obviously, we all know, as Sean Tembo rightly puts it that UPND practices politics of hate and vengeance, without necessarily offering checks and balances to the ruling party and offering alternative solutions.

UPND is a party that has failed to convince the majority voters of its programs and purpose. Even the current position that this party enjoys as main opposition party is bound to slip into the hands of National Democratic Congress (NDC), that is if it hasn’t already done so.
We say this because, there is nothing worth pointing which has made UPND become a main opposition party, which is out of the efforts of its leadership and members.

UPND is today the main opposition party by default – following the 2011 elections,the Patriotic Front (PF) won by 41.98% against MMD’s 35.42% while UPND came third at distance with 18.17%.

In Parliament, PF had 60 seats representing 38.42% and MMD had 55 seats representing 33.44% while UPND had 28 seats representing 17.21%.

Clearly, MMD was officially the main opposition party here but somehow, the members of the former party decided to abandon it’s position by joining the PF and the UPND.

By 2015, the MMD had shrunk , thereby giving UPND a chance to assume the post of main opposition party by default. UPND had performed well in 2015 and 2016 elections not because it had done something special to attract the support but because those who defected to this party, did so, with their people who support them, thereby making the numbers of UPND to grow.

This is why, despite that PF was entrenched into succession wrangles following Michael Sata’s death, UPND failed terribly to dislodge the governing party from power, despite that, Hakainde was even working with certain people in PF and government, such as then Acting Republican President Guy Scott to ensure Edgar lost the election.

We intend not to discuss these things at length, our point is that, UPND is a useless party in the eyes of many voters. The current support it enjoys is a result of resentment that is accumulating fast against the governing party but even there, those who previously supported PF but have changed heart are aligning themselves with NDC. Clearly, the support of UPND is mainly made up of three provinces which are tribal bases for Hakainde Hichilema.

This is all because this party has nothing worth celebrating in its talks. How can a sensible person even take pride to employing a person with Masebo’s character. Masebo is a rejected person in politics, but despite, her being rejected and her health proving a threat to herself, it seems politics is what keeps her going in life.

We ask, what sort of relevance does a rejected person like Levy Ngoma brings, other than hate speech and dull utterances? Levy is a rejected element in Sinda, who ruled for ten years without anything worth pointing at as his success story in that constituency.

Look at Patrick Mucheleka – another failed politician who was rejected. Are these the people one can proudly employ to help him win an election?

This is why foul mouthing, hate speech and libel is an everyday talk for UPND.

We are thus not surprised that Larry Mweetwa, a well known UPND member has the gutts to compare the successful separation of the Siamese twins to mere circumcision and calling it a sh*thole.

Even Stephen Katuta was, the other day, saying Zambia risk having two Presidents in 2021. How possible is that?

Clearly, UPND is taking the path of Raila Odinga in Kenya – to discredit the 2021 elections without proper cause than to use such a stupid behavior to cause disorder thereby force a government of unity. This is probably as a result of realisation that on its own accord, UPND has nothing it’s takes to win an election.



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