UPND Chilanga Member of Parliament Keith Mukata has been sentenced to death for the murder of his security guard Namakambwa Kalilakwenda aged 63.

High Court judge Susan Wanjelani found Mukata guilty while his co-accused Charmaine Musonda has been acquitted.

Mukata was on May 6, 2017 arrested for the murder of Kalilakwenda, an employee from Men in Black Security Company operating from AKM Legal Practitioners owned by Mukata.

Judge Wanjelani said that it was proven beyond reasonable doubt that the fire arm used to shoot the deceased was Mukata’s with cartridges found to have been from the accused’s firearm.

Mukata has pleaded not guilty to the charge but the court has found otherwise.

His co-accused who was with him at the time of the crime has been acquitted for insufficient evidence.

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